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Once a venue for a social gathering is booked, no changes can be made. The time, location, or date cannot be rescheduled. Payments made to Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC are non-refundable. The social gathering cannot be transferred to another individual or substituted for any other service provided by Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC.

If a member wishes to terminate their membership, they must do so via email, text message, or registered mail. Termination notices received through email or text from registered members will be accepted. Voice mail messages will not be considered as valid termination notices. Once the termination is effective, the membership cannot be reinstated or transferred to another person. Please note that if you desire another membership after termination, you will be responsible for the full payment of the new membership fee in order to activate the membership. Any inappropriate conduct or behavior by a member, or behavior that is deemed detrimental to the interests of Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC, may result in termination.

Membership privileges are personal to each member and cannot be sold, transferred, or assigned in any way. These privileges will cease and terminate upon the death of the member.

Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC reserves the right to engage third-party affiliates, matchmakers, and other companies. The disclaimer on this website will still apply even if Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC utilizes another agency.

Membership is activated from the date of payment processing. If a member does not utilize the membership, it cannot be transferred, and no refunds will be issued. If a client decides to renew their membership at any time, they will be required to pay the full program fee.