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Application Agreement

I proudly affirm and guarantee to Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. the following: (i) I have reached the age of 18 or above; (ii) I am currently single, widowed, divorced, or legally separated (living apart from my spouse); (iii) I possess no undisclosed physical or mental health concerns, substance abuse patterns, or criminal records; and (iv) the information provided in this Client Profile reflects my genuine and accurate self.

With utmost respect for Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC., I promise not to disclose any details about the company or its exceptional matchmaking and dating services without prior written consent, be it through written publications or any electronic media channels.

Throughout my membership journey with Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. and for a period of three years following its termination, I shall abstain from directly or indirectly engaging in any business solicitation with individuals (including individuals, firms, or entities) who have been affiliated with Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. as members, clients, or employees within the past five calendar years prior to the conclusion of my membership.

Please note that if no physical date occurs within the duration of receiving my dating contacts, my membership will commence. Consequently, the entirety of my membership can elapse without liability on the part of the company. Refunds or extensions of membership will not be provided.

Should I, directly or through an affiliate, provide services to a client in violation of the aforementioned paragraph, I willingly commit to pay Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC., upon receiving funds from the client, damages equivalent to 20 percent of the gross fees earned, excluding reimbursable expenses. In order to ascertain the accurate amount payable under this provision, I agree to grant access to Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC.’s accountant to review my financial records.

I wholeheartedly agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. harmless against any losses, damages, liabilities, claims, demands, lawsuits, causes of action, and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees and expenses) that may arise due to (a) my utilization of the Services, (b) any breach or violation of this Agreement on my part, or (c) my own negligence or intentional misconduct.

Please be informed that Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. does not conduct background checks on its members and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by members. Under no circumstances shall Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. be held liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the Services, including but not limited to damages arising from interactions or encounters with other members (including property damage, bodily injury, or emotional distress).

I acknowledge and understand that I will not receive any financial compensation for participating in any date arranged through this service. Moreover, I accept that I am solely responsible for any personal expenses incurred during the process.

By giving my express consent, I affirm that my sincere intention is to discover a long-term romantic partner through Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC.’s introduction.

In the event of any changes in my marital status, particularly in the case of marriage, I solemnly promise to promptly notify Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC.

I assure Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. that the information provided in this Client Profile Form is not only accurate but also a genuine representation of myself. Furthermore, I commit to promptly informing Beau Monde Matchmaking LLC. of any updates or modifications to the information provided in this Client Profile Form, ensuring its ongoing accuracy.